Performances for the 18th International Naj, naj, naj festival selected

Objavljeno: 14.12.2017, u Novosti

After viewing all performances that applied for the 18th International Naj, naj, naj festival, Željka Turčinović, dramaturge and selector of the festival, included 9 Croatian and 4 performances from abroad into the official programme.

The Festival which will take place from 4 to 8 April 2018 will host Croatian theatres from Zagreb, Čakovec, Osijek, Zadar, Virovitica and Sisak and theatres from abroad, from Russia, Spain, Italy and Serbia.

Selection from abroad

  1. THE GHOST OF CANTERVILLE, Theatre at the Narva Gates, Saint Petersburg State Drama theatre for children (Saint Petersburg), Russia. Director: Valentina Lutz
  2. PINOCCHIO, Roseland musical (Barcelona), Spain. Directors: Anna Planas and Franc Aleu
  3. CINDERELLA, Theatre Boško Buha (Belgrade), Serbia. Director: Iva Milošević
  4. THE BOAT AND THE MOON, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi (Bologna), Italy. Directors: Bruno Cappagli and Valeria Frabetti

Croatian selection

  1. ZORA, THE READHEAD, City theatre Trešnja (Zagreb). Director: Rene Medvešek
  2. WITH A REASON, coproduction Theatre company Pinklec and The Puppet Organisation We Need for sure – LOFT (Čakovec, Zagreb). Director: Morana Dolenc
  3. ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Zagreb Youth Theatre (Zagreb). Director: Renata Carola Gatica
  4. WHITE DEER, Children’s theatre Branko Mihaljević (Osijek). Director: Tamara Kučinović
  5. THE INVISIBLE, coproduction Theatre Virovitica and Puppet theatre Zadar (Virovitica, Zadar). Director: Nikola Zavišić
  6. WHOEVER MISSES THE WHOLE CABOODLE, SHOULD GOOGLE, Culture home Crystal Cube of Merriment, City theatre Sisak (Sisak). Director: Peđa Gvozdić
  7. GRUMPY – LITTLE LOVE STORIES, City theatre Žar ptica (Zagreb). Director: Renata Carola Gatica
  8. ACROSS THE SEVEN SEAS, OVER SEVEN MOUNTAINS, Theatre company Pinklec (Čakovec). Director: Anica Tomić
  9. THE STORY OF A POOR THING OR IT’S NO SHAME BEING POOR, Theatre Prijatelj (Zagreb). Director: Hrvoje Zalar

Željka Turčinović,
Selector of the Naj, naj, naj festival

Zagreb, 14 December 2017


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