Selections for the 20th Naj, naj, naj festival

26.2. – 1.3.2020

After having watched all of the performances of the theatres that have applied to the competition, Željka Turčinović, the dramaturge and selector of the 20th international Naj, naj, naj festival, chose 6 Croatian and 2 international plays to be included in the official programme.

The jubilee of the 20th Naj, naj, naj festival, which will begin on 26 February, on the commemoration of Pink Shirt Day in Croatia and whose slogan is “The ultimate fight against peer violence” (in Croatian: #naNAJjače protiv vršnjačkog nasilja) will have a humanitarian character and it will be entirely dedicated to the fight against peer violence.

In the period of five festival days, with the closing date of the festival being 1 March 2020, you will be able to see the performances of theatres from Spain and Israel, in addition to the performances of Croatian theatres from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Karlovac, Split and Čakovec.

Selected performances:

  1. Speak and You’re Dead! (in Croatian: Ako kažeš, gotov si!) /City Theatre Žar ptica, Zagreb/ directed by Krešimir Dolenčić
  2. Twins (in Croatian: Blizanke)/ Marin Držić Theatre, Dubrovnik/ directed by Lea Anastazija Fleger
  3. The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish (in Croatian: Bajka o ribaru i ribici) / City Theatre “Zorin dom”, Karlovac/ directed by Ana Prolić
  4. The Hooligan (in Croatian: Huligan) / Mala scena Theatre, Zagreb/ directed by Paško Vukasović
  5. You’re Lying, Melita (in Croatian: Lažeš, Melita) /Split City Puppet Theatre/ directed by Ivan Plazibat
  6. I’m Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (in Croatian: Vuka se ne bojim ja) / Pinklec Theatre Company, Čakovec/ directed by Romano Bogdan
  7. Let’s Go Fishing! / “El Gecko con Botas” Theatre, Spain/ directed by Damián Bojorque
  8. Academy of Magic Secrets /Dina Telem group, Israel/ directed by Dor Peles, Dina Telem


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