Festival Performances 2019

Kotar theatre and Mala scena (coproduction), Delnice and Zagreb, Croatia


28 April at 11:00h CT Žar ptica, Bijenička 97

Recommended age: 4+

Duration: 45 min


Every place has its own story, a legend of its own. On top of that every place has its weirdo. Somebody who makes that place special and its story different from all others. So, this is why travellers stop at Virtuetown to listen to the story of Woody, the Weirdo, which has soon turned into a legend.

Who is Woody? His name used to be Veljko and he was a totally normal fellow.Then once suddenly something snapped inside of him and Woody went deep into the wood. Many years have gone by since then and nobody really knows anything about him – except that he is a weirdo and a legend. So today, all those years after Woody, little Mirko goes into the wood, too, looking for the most beautiful flower. Whom is he going to find there?

Mirko (citizens of Virtuetown) and flowers (friendship and nature), legends and weirdos join together in the performance of  ‘Woody, the Weirdo’ by director Morana Dolenc, based on the picture book of the same name, written by Ivana Francišković Orlom, illustrated by Gordana Ivković.

Anja Pletikosa


Author Ivana Francišković Olrom

Director Morana Dolenc

Dramaturge Anja Pletikosa

Composer Vlatko Panić

Scenic designer Leo Vukelić

Costume and puppet designer Luči Vidanović

Lighting designers Domagoj Klasić and Ivan Štrok

Visual art designer Jelena Radmanović

Performers Marija Kolb, Matija Kezele, Mark Šokčić

Producer for Mala scena Tena Bosek, Mia Tomić i Jelena Vignjević

Producer for the Kotar theatre Matija Kezele

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