Festival Performances 2019

City theatre Žar ptica, Zagreb, Croatia


(out of competition)

28 April at 19:00h CT Žar ptica, Bijenička 97

Recommended age: 7+

Duration: 45 min


In a far away kingdom, a king called Karaslav ordered the snow to be blue. And not only the snow. Everything is the way he says it is: mushrooms are alive, sheep chirp like crickets, people are two-coloured, and the fog is eaten with nuts… All underlings cheer and believe their mad King. And everyone will be doing well until somebody rebels.

Why is it then that the shepherd Kaloper is the only one denying that the snow is blue? And worse than that, he claims that it is not snow falling, but flowers. So, who’s really mad here, the King or Kaloper? Or, even better, who’s madder, the King or Kaloper?

The King offers a flattering bargain to his underlings. As long as they believe him without objection, they will be alright. People can get used to everything if they are not hungry. Everyone but Kaloper, who asks himself whether we are really living our lives if we keep nodding our heads. People are beings who do not need a master; a person can do everything he or she wants and even more, says Kaloper, demanding from all others to stop obeying the King, so they would see that instead of snow, flowers were falling from above!

How was it possible that Kaloper could survive the King’s rage, his evil counsellor and the jealous general? And how could he fight all prejudice, answering three hard questions correctly? Besides, not only did he fight all prejudice, but Kaloper also gained half of the kingdom and princess’ Krizantema’s hand in marriage.

All is possible – that is Grigor Vitez’s message with this lovely story. All is possible if we are stronger than the strongest, braver than the bravest and… ‘madder’ than ‘the maddest’.

There is no such King who would beat a Poet, a Fool or a Shepherd. For a Poet is more imaginative, happier, better and smarter than any king. However, only if he does not keep quiet, bows his head, if he is not afraid. A Poet has to shout, fight and write verses, he has to show the King that there is a better way. A King like that could burn cornfields and die of hunger himself in the end. Who would mend the King’s stupidity if the Poet keeps quiet and bows his head. So let’s be ‘Poets’, brave and loud, even when we are children.

Leo Katunarić


Author Grigor Vitez
Director Leo Katunarić
Scenic designer Dinka Jeričević
Costume designer Dženisa Pecotić
Choreographer Zrinka Lukčec
Music Mario Mirković
Lighting designer Aleksandar Mondecar
Puppet maker Vesna Balabanić
Props maker Zoran Branković
Performers Zoran Pribičević, Ante Krstulović, Marko Hergešić, Vesna Ravenšćak Lozić, Dunja Fajdić, Petar Atanasoski, Vini Jurčić, Robert Španić, Boris Barukčić, Josip Brakus, Ognjen Milovanović

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