Festival Performances 2019

Black Anthem Theater, Kampala, Uganda


27 April at 11:00h At the ZKM (Zagreb Youth Theatre), stage Miško Polanec, Teslina 7 (And at Park Zrinjevac, 27 April at 12:30)

Recommended age: 3+

Duration: 30 min


Plastic is a performance about three friends who discover a plastic bottle and through rustling bags and empty bottles their curiosity leads them into a world of versatility of plastic materials. In song, dance and movement they discover a sea of plastic and a land of plastic.

Plastic is a co-production of The Early Years and the Theatre Incubation Programme performed in Cape Town in 2018. It is supported by the Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with Magnet Theatre Cape Town and the Helios Theater in Hamm, Germany.

This 30 – minute long performance where the young audience interact actively with the performers, offers a direct experience of the world of plastic. Promoting a hightened awareness of a global need to protect planet Earth, its aim is to include a large young audience both in Africa and on other continets.

We will also celebrate Earth Day with this performance as part of the Story Green Day manifestation in park Zrinjevac.


Authors Linda Nabasa, Semuto Samson, Patricia Kayendeke

Directors Barbara Köling, Jennie Reznek

Scenic and costume designer Stewart Puleng Lange

Music Linda Nabasa

Performers Linda Nabasa, Semuto Samson, Patricia Kayendeke

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