Festival Performances 2019

City Puppet Theatre Split, Split, Croatia


25 April at 11:00h At the CT Trešnja, Mošćenička 1

Recommended age: 4+

Duration: 55 min


Anica Tomić and Jelena Kovačić, the author tandem of this show, bring us to the very heart of Split of the Eighties, to introduce us to the generation born at the end of the Seventies, who rode their ponice (pony bikes), played games like the laštik (elastic band) and balun (football), met outside on the street or in front of the portun (building entrance) and studied hard at school in their ABC book Dobro jutro (Good morning).

Ana, Mare, Luce and Bepo, grown-ups of today, children of yesterday, remember the very moments that brought them together for ever. In their stories we recognize our own childhoods, but at the same time our own children, too, who fight and reconcile with each other, fall in love and suffer, in a word, they are growing up. And on that road to adulthood there is a very special person – the teacher. The first one we always remember, the one leading us from the very first day at school, when seated in the classroom we clumsily wrote our names on the notebooks.

This is why this show is dedicated to all our childhoods, but to all our teachers, too, who taught us how to read, write, calculate, think, and above all how to live.


Authors Anica Tomić and Jelena Kovačić

Director Anica Tomić

Dramaturge Jelena Kovačić

Scenic and Costume designer Irena Kraljić

Author of the Music Nenad Kovačić

Performers Ana Marija Veselčić, Milana Buzolić – Vučica, Tvrtko Štajcer, Katarina Romac, Petra Kovačić, Franjo Đaković

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