Festival Performances 2019

City theatre Žar ptica, Zagreb, Croatia


24 April at 11:00h CT Žar ptica, Bijenička 97

Recommended age: 7+

Duration: 50 min


On an island in the middle of the ocean, untraceable on any map, unmentioned in any geography lesson, live the little people of Lilliput.

Then a stranger arrived…

Early one morning, a huge giant is cast ashore Lilliput by a stormy sea, turning the lives of the little Lilliputanians upside down. This horrifying giant at first sight, goes by the name of Gulliver and is in fact gentle, awkward and frightened by this encounter as much as they are.

The encounter between Gulliver and the Lilliputanians abounds in misunderstandings and mutual wonder. Naturally: each thinks their way is right, their customs normal and the other one wrong.

Because that’s the way we do it!

Gulliver gets acquainted with the customs, the language and life of the Lilliputanians and wins their respect and trust in time but their idyllic life together does not last long …

‘Gulliver’s Travels’, a satire by the Irish writer Jonathan Swift, was originally meant for adult readers. Still, so the story goes, once the writer gives them life, tales would set out on a journey through time and space on their own, in pursuit of their audience. Thus Swift’s tale of a huge giant among little people enchanted first and foremost young audiences all around the world.

Our Gulliver is also a big giant for them, though first of all he is a stranger. He is different among those who are alike and as such he seeks understanding. His encountering the Lilliputanians is encountering otherness, strangeness, the incomprehensible, the unknown – both for him and them respectively, which is why we wonder a bit about him one moment then about them the next.

Nikolina Bogdanović


Author Jonathan Swift

Directors Saša Božić and Ksenija Zec

Dramatization of the text Nikolina Bogdanović

Scenic and Costume designer Ana Savić Gecan

Composer Damir Šimunović

Stage movement Petra Hrašćanec

Lighting and Video projection designer Ivan Lušičić Liik

Assistant to the scenic and costume designer Mirela Mitak

Photographs Mare Milin

Graphic designer Tanja Kljajić

Performers Marko Hergešić, Petar Atanasoski, Dunja Fajdić, Damir Klemenić, Ante Krstulović, Gorana Marin, Amanda Prenkaj, Vesna Ravenšćak Lozić

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