Festival Performances 2019

Puppet theatre Zadar, Zadar, Croatia


26 April at 11:00h At the Culture Centre Travno, Božidara Magovca 17

Recommended age: 5+

Duration: 45 min


This is a very important story. It is the story about how hard it is to be and remain yourself. But also about how it is possible. This is a story about freedom. It is a story how essential it is to listen to and respect somebody else’s opinion, but also how you should keep, defend and respect your own opinion. This is a story about a variety of ways to travel on a donkey (and with a donkey). And how all ways are the right ones (or wrong ones for that matter), depending on how you look at them. So, a story about freedom, that is. This is a story about a mother, her son, a donkey and their journey through villages, towns and fields. About travelling for travelling’s sake. About travelling for experience. It is also a story about flies that are buzzing, irritating, putting their noses where they do not belong. And about a tail chasing them away. A tail preventing bites. So, on freedom basically.

This is a very important story.

Based on the motifs of a folk tale, ‘Can’t please the whole World’ is  about a wish to please the whole surrounding, even the ‘whole world’ to gain somebody’s affection, a confirmation that something was right, thus having the feeling of being accepted, but on the expense of  repressing and discarding one’s own wishes and standpoints and eventually one’s own personality.

Living in times when we get attacked from everywhere with aggressive ‘regulations’ − how we should look, behave, think, how we should spend our time, what sort of yoghurt we should drink – and which we try to follow in order to – and by somebody else’s requirements – realize ourselves, be successful and happy, standardized,  fitted and patted on the shoulder, we should be reminded to what extent we annihilate ourselves. Because, any way you look at it, somebody would always be displeased.

Ana Prolić


Author Ana Prolić according to motifs from a folk tale The World cannot be pleased

Director Ana Prolić

Directing Associate Juraj Aras

Associate for scenic play Damir Klemenić

Music and lyrics for the songs Mate Matišić

Costume designer Anita Goreta

Visual art designer Sanja Mrša Vukman

Lighting designer Frane Papić

Sound designer Mate Petričević

Performers Juraj Aras, Sanja Zalović, Dominik Karakašić, Irena Bausović, Anđela Ćurković Petković, Tamara Šoletić, Radojka Kozulić, Robert Košta

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