Festival Performances 2019

City Puppet Theatre Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia


24 April at 18:00h At the CT Žar ptica, Bijenička 97

Recommended age: 3+

Duration: 35 min


When I first moved from far away Argentina to your beautiful Croatia, I had to start afresh with everything. Like every child I had to learn how to speak a new language, sing new songs, dance to new rhythms. And like every other child I came to like Little Juju. Juju was the first song I learned in Croatian and just like a little child, I used to sing it for years without knowing what the song was about and what it really meant. I was surprised when a very serious person told me ‘a lovely song, a pity it is so horrible’. Firstly I was surprised that such a merry tune would be telling a horrible story in which the protagonist encounters a crocodile and secondly, I asked myself, what a country that was where the most popular song told such a horrible story.

Then I found out that a horrible story can be told in an amusing and exciting way and that in the end your fears would not be horrible at all, and, besides, how wise was  a country to sing about a story on fears and how to face and fight them.

Renata Carola Gatica


After lyrics and music of  the song of the same name by Žarko Roje and Petar Bergamo

Authors Ivana Đula and Milica Sinkauz

Director Renata Carola Gatica

Composer Ivana Đula

Author of the scenic design, objects and costumes Alena Pavlović

Associate for stage movement Damian Cortes Alberti

Lighting designer Sanjin Seršić

Performers Tilen Kožamelj, Damir Orlić, Andrea Špindel, David Petrović, Zlatko Vicić

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